Berber Rugs

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Our Vintage (30-40 year old) handmade Moroccan textiles are the product of the rich traditions and techniques handed down from generation to generation by an ethnic group named Berbers, residing in the middle Atlas Mountians of Morocco. The high elevations and cold temperatures, naturally gave rise to the production of heavy-pile rugs such as Azilal for sleeping mats and bed coverings to keep warm.  The rugs were naturally dyed using saffron for yellow color, henna for red, and pomegranate for burgundy. The Berber people are traditionally semi – nomadic, resulting in the production of handmade rugs on smaller, portable looms.  You will never find a vintage Berber rug that is wider than 7ft!

In the 1930’s, famous designers and mid century modernists Charles and Ray Eames (designer of the original Eames lounge chair) began incorporating Berber rugs with abstract designs as a counterpoint to their sleek, minimalistic furniture.  Their ability to add warmth, color and a little ethnicity is exactly what they needed to balance their otherwise neutral spaces. Berber rugs are not just on-trend, but more importantly, are timeless pieces that can have a place in the home for a lifetime.  Although they have been a staple in interior design for almost 85 years, it’s only been the last 10 years where they have gained popularity in western culture, fueled by social media, design magazines, and desire for high quality, one-of-a-kind items for the home.

Popularity also comes with downsides: Many high end home stores are producing replicas of traditional Berber rugs made outside of Morocco (India being the world’s largest rug producer).  This is positive if large companies are donating money back to support education, healthcare and access to clean water.  It can also be viewed as a lack of creativity on their part, by simply replicating authentic works of art, instead of paving their own creative path.

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Moroccan Boucherioute Rugs: From Rags to Riches

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From Pinterest to Apartment Therapy to Design Sponge, it’s no denying that Moroccan Boucherouite rugs have a special ability, a gift you may say, to transform a space.  Although they have only recently become popular on the world stage, Boucherouites have been produced in Morocco since the 1960's. When Sheep wool production began to decline, it forced Berber weavers to come up with new and inventive ways to make handmade rugs.  

These beauties are made of recycled fabrics, making them a green alternative to tranditional handmade wool rugs. All authentic Boucherioute rugs are made in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, produced in mountain villages with traditional handmade processes.

Their vibrant colours and free form designs, allow for personal expression, and work perfectly with modern, contemporary and bohemian decor. Boucherioutes have become synonymous with their ability to add that  "pop" of colour to any space, and they are guaranteed to produce jaw dropping comments from friends and family!

We have included some of our favourite spaces featuring Boucherioute Rugs :)  You can also check them out now in our shop under medium rugs!

Home of Tina Seidenfaden Busk. Photo credit:  Louise Desrosiers  •  Milk Magazine

Home of Dusen Dusen designer Ellen Van Dusen
Photo credit: Maxwell Tielman  •  Design Sponge

photo credit: 

 photo credit:

photo credit:


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Rug 101

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So, you want to invest in a new rug for your home but you're just not quite sure where to start. Well you're not alone! We've been there ourselves and now we want to help you with answers to all of your questions. Below are some of the most common questions we receive and some answers to help you on your journey. If you have a question that's not highlighted here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

1:: Handmade vs. machine made rugs. What's the difference and why should I care?

Handmade rugs are where it's at when it comes to quality and longevity. There really is no comparison. Beautiful handmade rugs have a sturdier structure because the fringe and all finished edges are part of the rug itself. In comparison to machine made rugs, where these finishing details are added on. A machine made rug may last for a few years but a handmade rug will last a lifetime. 

rug and weave kilim canada

2:: What materials should I look for?

High quality rugs are generally made from silk or wool. Rugs woven with silk fibres provide a nice sheen, however they are more delicate and should be avoided in high traffic areas. Wool rugs, on the other hand, are more resilient and offer more protection from spills and stains. 

rug and weave kilim canada

3:: I've heard that rugs can contain harsh chemical dyes. Is this true of Rug&Weave's rugs?

This may be our favourite question as we too avoid contaminating our home with harmful chemicals and do all we can to maintain a clean and eco-friendly environment. We are happy to say that all of our Kilim rugs are woven with vegetable dyed wools, which provides rich, bold colours and reduces the use of harsh chemicals. 

rug and weave kilim canada

4:: Where do your rugs originate from?

All of our rugs are sourced from North East Persia and Pakistan. Through our trade partners in the region, we are able to provide beautifully crafted rugs that provide warmth and richness to any setting. 



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Boho Modern Design Inspiration - The Top 5 Instagram Accounts to follow.

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Ever have a day when you know your space needs a lift but you're just not sure what will please it? Well, you have come to the right place! This is a top 5 list because yes, they are just too good and we didn't need more than 5!

If you haven't had a chance to check out these Instagram accounts, I highly recommend taking a peek! These gals are your best source for daily inspiration, whether you're feeling more of the boho vibe or want to keep it cool in a more modern design. 

Keep those peepers open and scroll down to see the best of the best and why we love them so much! 

:1: Amber Interiors @amberinteriors

Amber Lewis Interiors Kilim "Rug and Weave" Amber Lewis Interiors "Rug and Weave" Kilim

Amber Lewis Interiors "Rug and Weave" Kilim

Amber Lewis is beyond words. Her style blows us away everyday and we love the items she curates and places throughout her designs. Beaches waves meets mid century modern in this cool and eclectic shoppe. 

:2: Victoria Smith @SFgirlbybay

SF Girlbybay "rug and weave" sf girlbybay "rug and weave"


SF girlbybay "rug and weave"

Victoria's blog and Instagram stories follow her life through San Francisco and all of the wonderful treasures she encounters. We love her fresh perspective and the way she shines light on the details around her. 

:3: Justina Blakeney @thejungalow

justina blakeney the jungalow "rug and weave"

the jungalow "rug and weave"

the jungalow "rug and weave"

Justina Blankeney's blog and Instagram pages are filled with the most beautiful images, rich with colour that awakens the spirit and exudes freshness. We love following her to see what details she will pick up on next - is it the cactus around the corner or the funky little cluster of vases on a window sill. You never know what she will post next and her images are forever inspiring. 

:4: Grace Bonney @DesignSponge

Design Sponge "rug and weave"Design Sponge "rug and weave"Design Sponge "rug and weave"

Pets, meets pastries, meets stunning home decor and you've got Grace Bonney, aka Design Sponge! Her Instagram account is filled with simple modern elegance with the right amount of rustic bohemian flare. We think you'll agree that her style and eye behind the camera really sets her apart.

:5: At Mine @atmine

At Mine "rug and weave" At Mine "rug and weave"At Mine "rug and weave"

At Mine features snapshots of home interiors from a community of fellow design and decor aficionados. This up and coming little gem is a great source for inspiration and features content from those who share and view it. 

Thanks for taking the time to read through our top 5 Instagram picks for bohemian modern inspiration for your space! Take care. ;) 

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Vintage Rugs for the Bathroom

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Bathroom vintage rug klim

The bathroom is one of the most highly trafficked rooms in the house so more reason to create a warm and inviting space. There's a fantastic design alternative that's spreading the nation - persian rugs for the bathroom! These beautiful creatures brighten and bring warmth to any space and are a sure way to impress guests. Below are some fine examples of how persian rugs, specifically Kilim rugs, can jazz up a typical bathroom space.  

kilim rug for the bathroom

The monochromatic pallet allows this bright and bold Kilim rug to pop in this small space. 

kilim persian rug bathroom

An otherwise standard, subway tile bathroom is brought to life with this stunning vintage Kilim! 

bathroom kilim rug

A great way to change the tone of any room, without a complete overhaul! You can see how really any bathroom can benefit from a bright and vibrant persian rug.

bathroom kilim rug

Now this one is just stunning! Pretty sure everything in this room is on my wish list - especially that fiddle leaf fig plant! 

Lesson of the day - turn those cold, stark bathrooms upside down and bring personality back to your space. By sticking to a minimal design and reducing clutter, your kilim rug will pop against its backdrop. 

Go forth, be bold and rejuvenate your space, one rug at a time! 

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