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Mother's Day Made Easy — Whether You're Together or Apart

April 30, 2020 4 min read

Mother's Day Made Easy —  Whether You're Together or Apart

We all owe a lot to the women (or people) who raised us, from taking care of our basic needs, to providing wisdom, life-lessons, and the right environment for us to explore and grow! We know being a mother is hard work—it requires dedication, sacrifice, and responsibility to name a few. May 10th is fast approaching, and this is her day to be celebrated and to take a load off! So what do you have in mind?

Whether you're together or apart this Mother's Day, we've cooked up some ideas to make her day shine a little brighter. From things you can do for her in the house, to surprises you can send to her in the mail, we've got you covered!  We also know too that sometimes the smallest gestures of love and kindness have the biggest impact. Whether you're planning an experience, buying a gift, or simply spending some quality time, here's our two sense on making her day~

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Bring Her Breakfast in Bed!

Nothing says pampering like a little breakfast in bed. Instead of her cooking up the fried eggs and bacon, beat her to it! Set your alarm early, quietly sneak out of bed, and whip up her favourite morning meal. Whether it's pancakes, a yogurt parfait, or scrambled eggs, everyone loves this morning surprise!

Top it all off by serving her our some rejuvenating tea in a handmade ceramic mug!

Half Moon Mug by Niki Marie Ceramics & Radiance Tea by Living Apothecary

Give Her Plants a Facelift

Show her favourite plants some love by giving them a brand new home for Spring. A great activity to do together, scour the house for plants who have simply outgrown their homes, and replant them in more roomy (or pretty!) pots. You'll both feel good getting your hands dirty, and her plants will thank you for it!

Antique Brass Planters - Set of Three
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Pick Wildflowers for the Dinner Table

Everyone loves flowers—especially when they come from your own backyard. Instead of ordering a bouquet, forage your garden or local park for some colourful wildflowers. Simply cut the stems and add water to a beautiful vase! We know she'll love these beside her bed, in the kitchen, or as the centrepiece at the table! Flowers can be made much more special when you're the florist!

Woodland Amber Vase by Cathy Terepoki 

Run Her a Bath

There's nothing more relaxing than taking a long, hot, steamy bath! So bring the spa home by making the experience just a tad more special. Set the scene by lighting a candle, dimming the lights, and setting her favourite apothecary products within easy reach. This ritual is often made better with a glass of wine, and cooing Spotify playlist close by.

Cinnamon Cedar Candle by Wednesday & Rose , Knot & Weave Bathmat, Herringbone Cotton Towels ,
and Floral Bath Mix
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Simplify Your Gift
Cover the basics with a stunning simple gift that is perfect for dropping off on her porch, or sending via the mail. A simple and sophisticated card with a blank inside is always appreciated, so you can write a heartfelt message. Pair it with a bottle of wine in a keepsake gift bag, and you can do no wrong! If you were ever in the doghouse, you're out now!


Mom Card by Wrinkle & Crease,and Textile Wine / Gift bag


Redo her Reading Nook

Cozy up the spot where she feels most at home—whether it's a reading nook, living room sofa, or bedroom. Adding elements like a soft warm throw, a corresponding inviting pillow, or new lamp will make this corner even more inviting. Why not focus on sprucing up the spot where she spends a lot of time! For kids, another idea could be to write reasons why you love your mom on colourful pieces of paper, and tape them up around a place in the home you know she'll notice!

Mead Wool Blanket by Mcnutt of Donegal, and Aja Floral Pillow
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Bake Something Together

Everyone loves quality time, so why not spend it with her doing something you'll both love, baking! Amazing memories are created through food and around food, so spend the day in the kitchen making warm chocolate chip cookies or banana bread. But hey, maybe she wants to sit this one out and have you take care of the treats! Now's the time to step up!

Gold Measuring Spoons

Gold Measuring Spoons
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When in Doubt, Send her a Gift Box!

Don't know what to get her, or simply can't be together due to the pandemic? We hear you there! We've curated three custom gift boxes with items from our shop that take the guesswork out of gifting! They come gift wrapped, can include a custom handwritten card with your personal message, and are easily shippable!

For the Pampering Custom Giftbox

Tell her you love her! 

There are a million and one ways to show her you care, and we've only scratched the surface. Let's show our mom's, wife's, grandma's, and friends some love!

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