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5 Tips for Setting up Your Outdoor Living Space

May 19, 2021 2 min read

5 Tips for Setting up Your Outdoor Living Space


It's starting to feel like the hard part of Spring is coming to an end here in Guelph, Ontario. The sun is shining and the forecast reads sun everyday! So of course outdoor living is on our mind! We've put together 5 simple tips to get your outdoor space set up for the season. 



1. Furnish your outdoor space so it feels like an extension of your home!

Some of you are lucky enough to enjoy outdoor living all year round. Unfortunately, for us Canadians, that isn't exactly possible so taking full advantage of the warmer months is a must! Furnish your outdoor space as if it was a room in your home so that you can enjoy it fully all summer long! 



2.  Add warmth and texture to your outdoor living space.

Of course we're going to talk about outdoor pillows and rugs! Adding a rug to your outdoor living space is a great way to add dimension and texture. It can help ground your outdoor furniture and add visual interest. Perhaps maybe you have limited space and adding a rug is what makes that little space feel special! 

Adding pillows is another great way to layer in colour, texture and coziness. Our indoor / outdoor pillow collection is designed with a versatile and neutral colour palette, so you can pair each style with just about any outdoor rug/ Our pillows are also handmade with premium performance fabrics that can handle rain or shine! 





3. Make it comfortable! 

A comfy place is a place you want to be! Having comfortable furniture in your outdoor living space is so important as it will allow you effortlessly spend hour after hour out in the fresh air. If you're creating an outdoor lounge area you definitely want to have enough room to lay out on your furniture to relax and read a book, or soak up some rays. We recommend shopping around early in the season to make sure you get the full season's worth of comfort! 



4. Accessorize your outdoor space. 

Accessorizing your outdoor space might seem obvious but your outdoor space doesn't always have to be specific to the outdoors. Why not bring some plants outside from inside that enjoy a lot of sun. You can also accessorize your outdoor living space with throws, baskets and decor -  just don't forget to bring them back inside with you on inclement weather days. 



5. Eat outdoors! 

Ok, this isn't exactly a styling tip. But nothing says summer like having meals outside! If you don't have space to set up an outdoor dining area why not put a picnic basket together and head over to the park and enjoy a meal. You can bring plates and glasses and create a special moment with family. We wish for all our readers to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air to the fullest during our summer months! 


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