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Everything Has a Place - Our Top 10 Organization Solutions

April 22, 2020 3 min read

Everything Has a Place - Our Top 10 Organization Solutions

We all know that April showers bring May flowers! But did you know April showers also bring, well, motivation to get things in shape? Now's a great opportunity to get things organized and develop some new storage solutions in your home! Especially when you find yourself social-distancing inside.

With the creation of our new utility collection, we've pulled our top ten items that will revolutionize the organization in your home: or at least make it a little nicer to look at! Beautiful, utilitarian, and streamlined, these items will make putting things away EASY PEASY.

Let's take a peek!

1. Storage Caddy

A bathroom-organization no-brainer, these metal enamel Storage Caddy's are the perfect solution for all those products. Store shampoo, body wash, cleanser, and loofah's with ease. Or slide under the sink with cleaning supplies, and surplus items like razors or cotton balls.

In two perfect sizes, easily select the one which better suits your needs! Or get them both.... no judgement! You can get creative with their uses (planter anyone?).

2. Strawberry Fields Basket

Looking for a beautiful addition to your home that oozes Spring & Summer vibes... well look no further than the Strawberry Fields Basket. Doubling as a laundry hamper, or a catch-all storage solution, you can't go wrong with this striped, woven, basket. Easily store your kid's toys, the family's winter hats and mittens, or any clothes/textiles to be washed. Say goodbye to the ugly (and not sustainable!) plastic hampers from department stores. This is a switch you can feel good about.

Also, this basket is easily washable with a cotton lining!

3. Ocre Linen Daily Apron

Although not necessarily a storage or organization solution, nothing motivates us to clean like having all the right tools for success!

Whether it's housework, cooking, or gardening, bring it on with our gorgeous Ocre Linen Daily Apron. This linen apron is crisp, minimal, and fits any body type. Wear as is, or fold over for a half-apron look. The perfect gift for yourself as the warmer weather blows in.

4. Brass Towel Bars (Or Iron!)

Not JUST for the bathroom! These simple, streamlined, and elegant Brass Towel Bars will revolutionize your hanging game! Use in the bathroom or kitchen for towels & linens, or incorporate our scooped hooks to hang utensils, baskets, and decor! 

Mix and match different sizes to create a pretty little vignette, that's as functional as it us stunning. Let your creativity run free!

5. Brass Scooped Hooks

A lovely companion to our towel bars, wooden rungs, or ladders, these Brass Scooped Hooks hang with ease. They are simple add-on's that allow you to customize storage solutions, and hang more items effortlessly. They look pretty too!

6. Brass Hanging Basket

Just what your home needs, these fun little brass baskets love to be styled with a houseplant! Instead of investing in a fancy pot, these baskets do that job for you. For a gorgeous look, adorn with some air plants.

These can styled indoors, or out on the front porch or patio. We love the elegant and timelessness of their design.

7. Dans Le Sac Sustainability Kit

Fridge Organization, it's a biggie and not to be neglected! This kit features four premium reusable bags, each made out of 100% cotton.  Bulk bags are perfect for all provisions: fruits, vegetables, grains, spices, coffee, etc. Your bread can be frozen directly in the bread bag included too!

Dans le Sac is a Quebec based company offering sustainable and eco-friendly zero waste essentials. Expertly crafted, and beautiful too, these are your minimal basics that you'll take everywhere you go.

8. Wire Letter Holder

Got mail? Our Wire Letter Holders have a solution for that! Organize mail and papers effectively on your desk or in the entranceway. A stylish solution for your paper sorting needs, each one is slightly different and unique! Say goodbye to messy piles of grocery lists, bills, and letters!

9. Seagrass Baskets

A favourite in the shop for quite some time, these collapsible Seagrass Baskets fill a number of storage voids! From storing extra throw blankets in your living room, to toys in the nursery, these natural and neutral baskets fit any style.

Popularly used for plants, these baskets are a cute little boho addition that you'll have for a long time. When not in use, these baskets collapse down for easy storage.

10. Iron Plate Triple Hook

Last but certainly not least, our Iron Plate Triple Hooks are the muscle for hanging heaver items. Whether it's heavy jackets, umbrellas, housecoats, or brooms, this triple hook plate gets the job done. All while looking simple and beautiful.

Although built to resist weight, this triple hook can also be used in the kitchen to hang items like linens and utensils—think whisks, spatulas, and wooden spoons! The bold iron design makes for a clean and impactful statement!

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