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5 Tips for Styling Shelves

March 18, 2021 2 min read

5 Tips for Styling Shelves

Styling shelves is a chance to display all the things you love! Maybe your shelves are built in, or you are revamping your bookshelves to make them more "you". 

Here are 5 tips we think about when styling a shelf! 

5 Tips for Styling Shelves

 1. Colour Palette 

Your shelves will look cohesive when you find a colour story to run throughout the shelf. We've been working a lot with a neutral colour palette with a pop of colour here and there. Not everything has to be matchy - matchy but choosing a few different shades and repeating them through out the shelf helps give that pulled together look. 

2. Books

This is probably the most obvious tip - bookshelves look good with books on them! We aren't saying you need to pack your bookshelves with books! Bookshelves look most natural with some books on them. We like to use books as little platforms or risers for interesting objects and little nic naks! If you are a big reader with lots of books you could try stacking some horizontal and some vertical to break up the look.  

5 Tips for Styling Shelves

3. Objects

We love making a statement with unusual shaped objects. It's great to look at an object on its own and grouped with other items, which object has a unique silhouette? Finding those eye catching objects are key!

4. Plants 

Ok, we seriously love plants around here! Finding a perfect size house plant to display on your shelf is the magic touch! You can display the plant in a beautiful pot! This is such a simple thing that brings life to any living space. 

5 Tips for Styling Shelves

5. Make it Functional 

The lower shelves are a great place to display baskets and boxes, or any sort of container. This is great because you can store away unsightly items and easily access them when needed. A beautiful and functional vessel has visual impact as well as functionality. 

5 Tips for Styling Shelves




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