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"Girl from the North Country" by Melissa Mary Jenkins

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Drawing continuous line art is like shedding layers of skin. Melissa first begins by sketching details and then she sheds bits of lines to reveal a space where your mind must add in the lines to make the image “whole”. In this continuous line and ink series, Melissa is also exploring the contrast between the fluidity of natural inks and the stableness of a line. The artist’s mind is drawn to flicker between the two
discrepancies. Perhaps this contrast creates an “in between” space where the magic is stored. This series invokes the viewer to ponder this “in between” uneasiness.

Melissa’s hope is to inspire you toseize the “luxury” of quiet moments to reflect on the way that art makes you feel in the hum of everyday life. Melissa handcrafted the ink from foraged alder catkins in her stone farmhouse kitchen. Natural inks are
“living works of art” which means that the colour may transform slightly over time. Due to the nature of natural inks, it is recommended that you keep the paintings out of direct sunlight.

This piece is original art (NOT A PRINT), drawn with ink by Melissa’s hand on 8 x 10” cold press 140lb watercolour paper.

*Please note that your drawing with look very similar to but will NOT be exactly the same as the drawingpictured.*

Size: 8" x 10"


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