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 I am a Maine native who is in love with her home state. It is a fiercely beautiful place that is constantly changing and ever offering naturally inspiring landscapes. Growing up in an old hotel on Mount Desert Island, my childhood was spent between working, sports, art, and music. After graduating with a  BA in Studio Art and Economic Theory (an obvious combo...?) from Wheaton College in 2007 I jumped into a medley of careers, including event planning and interior design, while also working as a portrait artist. I have been a full-time artist since 2017, a part-time renovator/designer (with my husband Wes) since 2009, and an all-around jill of all trades master of none since 1985. I currently live with my husband (and pharmacist/framer), daughter, soon to be 2nd daughter (November 2020), and dog Hartley just outside of Portland, Maine. 
Inspired by many people and things, especially the great outdoors - I love making beautiful work and my goal is to create something you'll love.
- Sarah Madeira Day


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