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Brown Mudcloth on Bark by Melissa Mary Jenkins Art

Mud Cloth Bark Wall Hanging in Brown

The intricate markings on the backside of these bark wall hangings are created by bark beetles. These insects tunnel galleries into the backside of the bark and lay eggs. The larvae hatch by the hundreds and begin tunneling inside the soft inner layer of the ash tree, carving out galleries in which to feed and develop into adults. These new adults then dig their way out of the tree and fly off to begin the cycle on nearby trees. These pieces of wood have their own storied nature much like traditional African mudcloth. One of the most intriguing aspects mudcloth is that each piece has a story to tell in the symbols, and the language of this story is passed on from mother to daughter. The artist combined these ideas into unique and utterly original wall hanging art, highlighting the galleries created in this life cycle. The bark is light weight, easy to hang and makes an interesting addition to a gallery wall.

Size: 14" x 4.5"

Eye hooks and wire are included.

Please note that the colors may vary slightly in person.
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