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Cotton Bowl Covers Set

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Cotton Covers are the natural and sustainable alternative to disposable packaging.
Cotton Covers are designed with the environment in mind and are free from harmful chemicals.
They are a good natural alternative to tinfoil and household film and come in a package of 3 pcs. in the sizes small (10 cm), medium (16 cm) and large (25 cm), and is made of 100% organic GOTS certified cotton with an elastic edge.

Wrap your Cotton Covers around the bowl with dough to rise and the elastic holds them in place. Use them again and again, with the right care they can last for many years.

Cotton Covers can be used for virtually any food. However, due to the risk of bacterial growth, they should not be used for fresh, unprocessed meat.

  • 100% organic cotton GOTS
  • 10 cm diameter (small), 16 cm diameter (medium), 25 cm diameter (large) 
  • wash on warm cycle


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