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Dress Up Dolls

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A new day starts at the Paper Family home. What shall we wear today? Should we wear our formal dresses? "It might be better to wear our winter clothes since it could get quite chilly this evening", says the ever responsible dad John Paper. "Why don’t we put on our Saturday dresses? We are going to spend the day on our hobbies!" says mom Marie. "I think we should put on our super heroes dresses! Look there is a cat on that tree that cannot get down", says Jan…

Our Paper Family pays tribute to the traditional game of dressing up paper dolls, though we don’t dress up only one doll but the whole family!

The set includes 4 rigid cardboard dolls and 20 paper dresses with its accessories.

Illustration by Àfrica Fanlo

Materials: Recycled cardboard and paper

Made in Barcelona

Ages 3+


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