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Rosewood Birch 8oz Soy Candle - TNT Candles

How do you buy a candle online if you haven't had the chance to smell it? I suppose you just need to take our word for it that these are the best darn smelling handmade, eco-friendly candles we've ever had in our home! From first light to last burn, the refreshing aromatherapy scents will evoke your home with a soothing smell that doesn't overpower but also remains consistent throughout the life of the candle. Throw this all together with a cute, reusable glass container and you've got yourself a pretty amazing little gift for your home.

8oz candle made with GMO-free soy wax and scented with 100% essential oils.

Enjoy for 55+ hours of burning time. 

Aromatherapy Properties:

Sweet, minty birch is paired with an earthy rosewood aroma. This candle has a light, uplifting quality that is fresh and stimulating. 

*Note* Rosewood is an endangered species. The oil we use in our candles is a natural blend that imitates the scent of rosewood essential oil. 

Rosewood - natural antidepressant; improves memory and alertness
Birch - invigorating and cleansing

Handmade by TNT candles in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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