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U Breast Wall Hook - Brass

These beautiful, handmade bronze and brass wall hooks from Bright Star & Buffalo are hand forged and are a great way to add interest to any home. Care and Maintenance: Brass, bronze and copper naturally tarnish. Bright Star & Buffalo does not seal their bronze, brass or copper. Moisture will accelerate the natural patina (tarnish or coloring) process. There are several techniques available to remove patina and re shine your bronze, brass or copper products.

Size: 4” tall x 2” wide

To clean: simply rub gently with lime/lemon juice and salt, rinse, dry with a soft cloth. Alternately you can use "Barkeepers Friend" or "Bon Ami".

To shine: use commercial brass and copper polishing compounds such as "Brasso" or silver polish.

Note: Hardware not included.


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